Data infrastructure to answer the world’s hardest questions
Chalk’s data platform provides the essential building blocks for machine learning with an experience developers love.
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Why Chalk?
Solving large-scale ML problems is a difficult problem that requires mathematical precision and a lot of hard work. Our name is inspired by the favorite tool of mathematicians around the world—the chalkboard. Our logo is taken from the QED symbol, which indicates the end of a mathematical proof.
Our customers
"Chalk has become a critical component of our Risk Intelligence Platform. It expanded Ramp's capabilities with online machine learning and enabled us to scale safely by powering our transaction fraud model and credit underwriting process."
Ryan Delgado Director of Engineering, Data Platform
Work with some of the world's top engineers on cutting-edge problems in systems engineering, query planning and optimization, and distributed analytical data processing systems. We are a diverse group of people working to change the world of machine learning and bring powerful new tools to the industry.
The Chalk team enjoying lunch together.
With a combined 35 years of experience working in industry, our founders have solved some of the most difficult problems in finance, data infrastucture, and risk management at companies like Google, Stripe, Affirm, and Palantir.
Headshot image of Marc Freed-Finnegan, Co-Founder & CEO

Marc Freed-Finnegan

Co-Founder & CEO

Marc spent many years at Google where he helped to launch the first version of Google Wallet. He went on to start Index, which Stripe acquired as its in-store payment solution—now called Stripe Terminal.

Headshot image of Elliot Marx, Co-Founder

Elliot Marx


Elliot started his career at Affirm where he built the early risk and credit data infrastructure system (the inspiration for Chalk). He then co-founded Haven Money, which Credit Karma acquired to power its banking products.

Headshot image of Andy Moreland, Co-Founder

Andy Moreland


Andy worked at Palantir on large government data infrastructure projects. He then co-founded Haven Money (with Elliot), which now powers Credit Karma Money.

“Chalk is the future of infrastructure powering machine learning and generative AI applications. I am so excited to be partnering (again) with such talented, high integrity founders who have the vision and skills to build one of the next great enterprise software companies.”
John Vrionis Co-Founder and Partner, Unusual Ventures
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